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Tom Hallock  |  Client Reviews

Great and quick refinance.

Feb. 02, 2020 by Ashley S.

I can't believe how easy this was. Tom was great and answered all my questions quickly. He was always easy to get ahold of when needed.

Tom helped me with my refinance and was extremely knowledgeable and friendly.

Feb. 02, 2020 by Laura S.

He walked me through the process and kept me updated the entire way. Thanks for your hard work Tom!

I am a Realtor and have worked with tons of lenders during my many years in the business.

Jul. 01, 2019 by Rachel G.

I am a Realtor and have worked with tons of lenders during my many years in the business. Once I was connected with Tom, I stopped searching for a go-to lender. I finally found him. Tom's communication skills are second to none. He will answer his phone and work up estimates pretty much any time of day/night for his clients. I know this because not only do my clients tell me this but because I too use Tom on all my personal home loans. This should say A LOT about Tom, coming from a Realtor. I can have my pick of the litter when it comes to who does my home loans and I choose Tom, every time. Every home we have closed together has ALWAYS been on time. Never has he failed to hold up his end of the bargain, and as a potential buyer, I can't stress how important this is. A lender doesn't have any skin in the game, but you, as a buyer, do. It's important to find a local lender who understands this and will hold up his end of the bargain so you don't loose out on the thousands of dollars you've ponied up to the seller at the beginning of the transaction. He will almost guarantee that he can beat any deal out there and if he can't , he will be honest with you and tell you the other deal is better and you should use them. I love that about Tom. In a world where seemingly more and more people in the banking business are corrupt and driven by money, it's refreshing to hear honesty and truth from Tom no matter how much it affects his bottom line. He truly wants to do what's right by his clients and there isn't a price tag you can put on that. Thank you Tom for all your hard work in your industry!

Tom recently handled the financing for my sister's new home.

Jun. 01, 2019 by Elizabeth S.

I worked with Tom closely in getting all the details and paperwork completed. All I can say is all bankers should provide the type of great advice and service Tom and his team do. Our experience was nothing short of amazing!

Our offer was accepted with a 28-day close and we achieved that goal with room to spare.

May. 01, 2019 by Taylor B.

Tom was knowledgeable, friendly, professional, and available. He proactively provided information and support and was always available for review and consultation. He guided us in a way that made us feel comfortable and confident with the process. He was a source of unbiased information when we were price shopping and was our teammate and advocate through negotiations. And at no point were we in doubt that the money would be there when it needed to be. I can't recommend him enough if you are in need of a mortgage.

I worked with Tom Hallock for my recent mortgage lending process, buying a property in Austin.

May. 01, 2019 by Sarah P.
Austin, TX

Tom was a pleasure to deal with. He was efficient, flexible and made everything as seamless and easy as it could possibly be for a first time buyer. Service was above and beyond what I was expecting. In addition, the rates were very competitive. Thank you Tom!

Amazing service!

Jan. 01, 2019 by Molly F.
Austin, Texas

Tom goes above and beyond for his buyers and Realtors. He keeps the process simple and is ready to close EARLY!